IgniteIP is an Innovation Capital firm, reinventing the investment thesis, structure and strategy for the commercialization of break-through technologies.

IgniteIP formed its first fund in 2006 to fill a need in the marketplace. We were seeing a lot of technologies that had value, but weren’t likely candidates for a traditional venture capital investment. Perhaps they were improvements or features, but not major companies. We imagined and experimented with different strategies to get those technologies off the bench and into the market with the least risk, least dilution, least amount of time and the biggest financial return for the inventor and our investors.

We pioneered a new fund structure, IgniteIP Capital I LP. We formed innovative win-win partnerships with inventors or technology owners. We recruited from the most talented and accomplished specialists in numerous fields to creatively bring these technologies to market. We brought together capital, technology, expertise and industry-needs in a new innovation model for the twenty-first century. And we are in the late stage commercialization process in numerous industries including: software, environmental-science and building materials.