Q: What does IgniteIP consider to be IP?
A: Intellectual property (IP) can take many forms. It can be a patent, a trade secret, a business method or even a process… other examples also include concepts, a proof-of-principle, a prototype and products. If you have an idea that fits this criteria and would like to take it to the next step feel free to get in touch; we only ask that you have the provisional filings with the patent office completed before contacting us.

Q: How is IgniteIP different from a license broker?
A: We do far more than a broker. First, we bring the funding required to secure licensing opportunities within existing market channels. Second, we bring the technical, legal, industry and marketing expertise necessary to access industry leaders at the highest levels. In short, IgniteIP brings all the resources and disciplines required to position the IP for revenue generation through IP licensing. In so doing, we fully align our interests with those of our innovation and investment partners.

Q: How is IgniteIP different from a VC?
A: Venture capital firms see intellectual property opportunities as the liquidity event that enables return on their investment; in turn this makes the building of public companies their primary focus. At IgniteIP we know that the majority of valuable IP/innovation is no longer best served by the creation of a company around it. In today’s globally competitive economy large corporations wield control over market channels and market share, many innovators as well as investors are best served by following the alternative path of licensing. IgniteIP focuses investment by supplying the management and market expertise required to license disruptive technology into mature industry channels, thus no time-consuming, costly company-building is needed. This results in less risk and a faster return on investment at a fraction of the cost that is required to build a company.

Q: How large are the usual IgniteIP investments?
A: Because we focus exclusively on the protection, enhancement, marketing and returns of IP placement, our average investment ranges from $500K to $2M.

Q: How does IgniteIP select its IP candidates?
A: Very, very carefully. We are continually looking at many candidates from a broad range of innovation sources; particularly inventors, entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions and governments. We only choose a select few and invest in IP we have verified through our selection process. That process works like this: (1) the IP must be truly disruptive technology that has (2) significant industry demand that is (3) confirmed by highly qualified industry experts and channel partners.

Q: How long does the IgniteIP selection process take?
A: From introduction to completion it usually takes around sixty to ninety days.

Q: What is the anticipated length of time to revenue?
A: Anywhere from twelve to thirty six months. This is dependent on many issues that are determined through our selection process; legal protection status, technology refinement requirements, market applications, immediacy of demand and channel characteristics are all considerable factors.

Q: What is the significance of the IgniteIP team?
A: Our team is comprised of veterans from several industries and disciplines. Collectively, our experience represents thousands of technologies vetted, hundreds of millions of dollars in created revenue, billions of dollars in financing, and scores of IP placement deals. Comprised of successful entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers and bankers, IgniteIP brings significant deal experience to bear upon a huge and growing high-velocity market — a market that is inefficient, disorganized and starving for capital and leadership. The IgniteIP team and methodology quite literally embodies the much-needed capability to “turn intellectual property into dollars”.

Q: What are the requirements for engagement with IgniteIP?
A: Without question, the most significant requirements for engagement are an understanding on the part of the IP owner of the realities of today‘s markets and a realization that IgniteIP represents a clear path to market and monetization of IP. Here is an overview of today’s market realities — while technology innovation is exploding worldwide, the vehicles to move IP from its owner (be it an institution, corporation or individual) to the marketplace are woefully inadequate and unstructured. Valuable technologies are literally gathering dust on the shelves of universities and corporations. Brilliant inventors, often lacking business savvy, are unable to attract sufficient capital to go to market. Global competition fuels an ever-increasing demand by corporations for breakthrough technologies. There are huge gaps in the market’s ability to efficiently connect the supply of innovation with the voracious demand driven by global competition. Our strategy gives us the power to eliminate these gaps.

Q: What markets and industries does IgniteIP focus on?
A: This is a question we are often asked. Collectively, our IgniteIP partners have personal experience across an incredibly broad range of industries; from physical sciences to life sciences, service industries to software and  government and private sectors we serve regional, national and international markets in virtually every SIC designation there is. In truth however, our focus is not limited to a finite group of industries or markets. Rather, we focus on the opportunity any particular innovation has to cause disruptive change within any industry. Our process assures that whatever industry expertise is required to license the IP, that expertise is in place to accomplish the task.

Q: If we already have or plan to build a company, would IgniteIP invest in it?
A: While IgniteIP does not make company investments in the classical sense, we often can fund and facilitate IP licensing opportunities in parallel with your company-building agenda by harvesting license revenue from other non-competitive market segments.

Q: Does IgniteIP ever fund the creation of companies?
A: Our focus is upon the perfecting and licensing of IP. In the event that building a company is the best way to maximize the value of the IP, we would assist by providing the strategy to accomplish this step. However, our role would remain focused on the enrichment of the IP resulting in more favorable positioning for funding by a VC or private equity partner.